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The prejudices of women and bodybuilding

Here are some ideas about fitness in women that we hear regularly that are totally wrong.

Thinking that we’re going to get too muscular

This is the most common cliché when a woman decides to get down to weight training. The fear of being too muscular.

I’m going to stop you girls right now, weight training isn’t going to make you bloat to the point of having huge muscles. You will never look like a man! Building your muscles will take time. It is not overnight that you will gain 20 centimeters of arm circumference.

On social media, you can often see women doing weight training with muscles similar to men. They are, for the most part, doped athletes with very extreme and intense workouts and rhythms of life.

You don’t have to be afraid of heavy lifting! Do polyarticular exercises like the deadlift, bench press, and don’t be afraid of dumbbells in your workouts. I advise you to have an upper body routine in your sports program! Otherwise in the long term, you risk having a muscle imbalance.

Do cardio to build muscle

When you hit your gym, watch and analyze the cardio corner. A majority of women exercise while sitting on a treadmill or elliptical for their entire session.

Most believe that in order to lose weight you need to do cardio over and over again.

This is not totally wrong. Doing cardio during your workout will help you burn calories. I insist on “during your session” because as soon as you finish your workout, you will not burn any more calories.

Conversely, when you do weight training and lift weights, you will shock your muscles. Once your training is finished, your muscles will need energy to rebuild the muscle fibers. Your body will continue the efforts and will burn calories.

It is for this reason that it is interesting to combine cardio and weight training with sessions of hit, crossfit, etc.

Turn muscle into fat

Many women go into fitness and bodybuilding thinking that you can turn fat into muscle. You have to differentiate between fat and muscle. These are 2 totally different things!

When you exercise, you lose fat by burning calories. At the same time, your training will allow you to develop your muscles.

I will write an article for you to fully understand the different mechanisms between muscle gain and fat loss!

Now you know all my little tips to start your sport in the best possible conditions at the gym near me with fees for ladies or at home. You are bound to have aches at one time or another since your body will change rhythm. It’s normal ! Besides, I invite you to read our article to recover well after your fitness session . The most important thing is to hang on and stay motivated. You will quickly be happy with the results!

Do sports at home

The problem with home fitness is that you can often experience postural problems while exercising. At home, you do not have an outside look or outside opinions.

To overcome this problem, the best is to have a mirror where someone who can watch you do certain exercises of course, but hey it’s rarer! A mirror will allow you to analyze your movements to correct yourself and verify that the movement you are making is correct. You have to take a step back. When you’re all alone, you can have a hard time!

This is also for me the main problem of sport at home. So if you can see and analyze your movements, don’t hesitate!

Exercise in the weight room

Here are some tips to be comfortable in the weight room and to train well.

Ask coaches for advice

In the gym, the undeniable advantage is the coaches. You also have the mirrors to help you do certain movements, see your posture, etc.

But if you have a coach nearby, take advantage! I often see people who dare not ask the coaches how to do a particular exercise. Go see them! They are there to help you progress and above all to ensure that you train efficiently without hurting yourself.

Find a partner

Another tip: if you’re coming with someone to the gym, it’s a great idea. Having a training partner is a great source of motivation to stay focused on your goals. But choose your partner well girls! You should not get lost in your workouts. You have to be efficient! And when he’s your boyfriend, he’s the best

Don’t be disturbed

You may be afraid of being docked at the venue. Don’t worry, it’s quite rare! In any case, the best solution for that is to use headphones or even a music headset to show that you are fully into your session and that nothing can disturb you!

Avoid chatting

The gym can quickly become a place of conviviality. If you go, get it into your head that it’s for training. If it’s for a chat, it can be nice but it won’t be at all effective for you and your goals!

How to get expert help …

… If you are new to this? If you are not at all familiar with weight training, consider the services of a coach who will understand your goals and be able to teach you the right techniques. If not, do your homework here, watch videos, follow links and descriptions for the exercises, then go out and get started.

There are also some great programs and books published by some of our colleagues that we are happy to recommend. If you are familiar with the basic movements, consider the services of an online coach. JC and I work with clients all the time, and know of several more that we can recommend if we are not satisfied with you.


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