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Occupations in online marketing, marketing and communication

Exciting jobs have recently developed in marketing and communication. The reasons for this are the increasing use of the Internet, technical advances and the resulting changes in communication, information and consumer behavior. In order to react to these changes, new professions have developed, especially in online marketing . You can find an overview of current job profiles, demand and salary in this article.

With the advancing digitization, the need for employees in the communication and marketing area is growing. New areas are always emerging, especially within online marketing. The job profiles differ significantly depending on the size and industry of a company. In large companies, several specialists usually take on the marketing, sometimes very specialized work and highly specialized know-how expected. In contrast, in smaller companies, there is often only one media professional responsible for the entire area, and the tasks are accordingly broad.

An overview of the media professions

Established professions such as journalism and editing, PR and corporate communication are of course still justified. There are also other professions, such as the marketing officer or marketing manager, who is responsible for planning and implementing all sales policy measures. A separate activity profile includes strategic marketing – for long-term, holistic marketing conception – as well as media planning – the entire planning process for the targeted use of mass media. Further job profiles can be found in market research and analysis.


New marketing skills have developed into new professions in individual company fields, for example in product management, in online, sales, event or in trade and direct marketing ( CRM ).

Many of the positions do not yet have their own courses of study or training, so practical experience plays a major role. It is a good idea to gain initial experience as an assistant and then apply it as a junior manager. The communication area in large companies in particular offers excellent opportunities to take the next step in your career: the position of senior manager allows you to jump directly into a responsible management position, for example as a department or team leader.


For the following list of the most popular and sought-after jobs, we determined the average salary in the respective occupations and evaluated the marketing and communication area of ​​the StepStone online job exchange , the search at and XING Jobs .

Senior Marketing Manager (f / m / d)

The best digital marketing consultant heads the marketing department as well as budget management. He creates overarching communication strategies, observes the market and analyzes ongoing processes in order to optimize them. Depending on the size of the company, the marketing manager takes on a purely managerial position or takes on practical marketing tasks himself. In online marketing , this includes, for example, email marketing , social media management, SEO and SEA .


In addition to vocational training, a wealth of experience is of central importance for the marketing manager. A marketing manager needs a sense of innovation and new information channels, but must also be very familiar with digital media as well as classic media.


Most positions, which also include leadership, are advertised as “Senior Marketing Manager”. Here the salary varies between 3,800 and 5,900 euros per month. There are currently more than 50 open positions in Germany.

Head of Communication (f / m / d)

The job of head of communications or corporate communications builds on the aforementioned training courses and also requires extensive practical experience in internal and external corporate communications.


The head of communications often takes on tasks that the marketing manager does and is referred to in many companies as the “head of marketing and communications”. In addition to external communication, he is responsible for internal communication. This applies to the intranet or internal company blogs and mailings , for example . Often the activities also include the establishment of an industry-relevant network and other PR activities. The communications manager is also responsible for communicating the corporate identity – externally and internally. This includes, among other things, the corporate culture and the social interaction between employees and superiors.


There are currently around 40 communications manager positions advertised in this country. These can usually be found in larger cities. When it comes to salaries, communications managers – depending on location, industry and company size – range between 4,200 and 7,400 euros.

Online Marketing Manager (f / m / d)

The online marketing manager is the “all-rounder” among the new professions: He is supposed to increase the visibility and reach of websites and increase conversion rates. He is responsible for the conception, implementation, control and optimization of online marketing activities. This includes, for example, the areas of website , web usability , search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA), display advertising , e-mail, newsletter, affiliate and social media marketing . Most of the time, success control is also part of the processthe measures and reporting on his tasks. His expertise is also often in demand in topics such as online PR , content marketing and online reputation . In addition, he plans, coordinates and controls the online marketing budget, optimizes existing processes and controls the cooperation with external agencies as well as cooperations and partner programs (affiliate networks).


It is only in the past few years that some universities have set up online marketing, digital media marketing and e-commerce courses. Alternatively, a degree in media and communication or a comparable training is also possible. But the most important thing is work experience. The online marketing manager is a “digital native”: In addition to the core marketing competence, know-how in the areas of website conception and optimization, interface design and usability is often required, as well as good knowledge of website analysis. Tools.


In larger companies, the online marketing manager leads a team of specialists in the individual areas. In these cases a head of online marketing or a senior online marketing manager is sought. He develops strategies, monitors implementation, reveals optimization potential, measures success and leads the team of specialized employees.


Over 500 relevant positions are currently advertised across Germany, most of them in Berlin and Hamburg, and also in Munich, Cologne and Düsseldorf there are good opportunities. Beginners can expect a salary of around 2500 euros to 3000 euros, with increasing experience the earnings can be increased to 5,900 euros.


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