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Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative?

Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative?

Home Lifespan: the best addition to NMN (Review 2020): No. 1 of the best alternative for the ageing population?

Considerable progress has been made in recent years in terms of longevity and the fight against ageing. The NDA+ research area has attracted key scientists looking for to opencell rejuvenation.

There are two NDA+ precursors that are most discussed in the additive community:

  • NR, or rhibozoid nicotinamide.
  • NMN, or nicotinamide mononucleotide

Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative? I wanted to take a look at NMN to see if it is as effective as taking an RN supplement to naturally increase NDA+ levels.

People around the world spend billions of dollars every year on anti-aging products. The most common reason why people use these products is to reverse the signs of aging and (skin and body)!

Today we are under constant pressure to look younger. Recent NDA+ research shows promising results, not only for changing the appearance of aging, but also for healing tissue at the cellular level.

In this overview, you will find the most important NMN additives that they bring to your body and whether they are worth your attention and investment. Then I’ll talk about research and science!

RECOMMENDATION (long service life and daily energy)

Even David doubts the effectiveness of NMN. He mentioned in the podcast that ribosomal nicotinamide can do its job better, and that is the essence of TRU NIAGEN.

There are only a few leaders in this market segment (TRU NIAGEN & ELYSIUM HEALTH). TRU NIAGEN is ONLY a distribution partner. The product has been tested for safety and efficacy

According to anecdotal evidence and my personal experience, this results in a peak in energy levels during the day and a scientifically proven increase in NAD values fromto . Immediately. (You can get a delivery time of 3 or 6 months (HERE) % 40% discount)

  • 100+ Preclinical studies
  • 20+ Patents and licenses
  • NIAGEN has been successfully assessed under theNew Food Ingredient Notification (NDI) program of the FDA.

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High level and best complementary brands NMN

There is a wide range of NMNbrand nutritional supplements produced by food supplement companies. Some products on the market are ineffective or are offered by companies that are not reliable.

We examined the three most popular brands of NMN additives in detail.


Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative?

Alive By Nature pure NMN is a sublingual, quickly soluble tablet. As the tablet is administered subcutaneously, the supplement is quickly absorbed by the blood vessels under the tongue.

This NMN has a low pH value and a lower molecular weight for better balance and faster delivery.

The tablets contain 125 mg NMN and are sweetened with monk fruit extract. They are vegetarian, suitable for ketof and GMO-free.

Alive By Nature is a newer company, but follows strict rules and standards.

If you want to try NMN in your supplementary program, this may be a good choice.

Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative?

PROGEAL NMN Supplement

Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative?

ProHealth offers a diamond-shaped NMN. Each marshmallow contains 150 mg NMN, xylitol and a natural lemon flavour.

They are all natural, ketone free, GMO free, vegetarian, contain no soy and no artificial colours or flavours.

The company tests this supplement three times to guarantee its potential and purity. It is believed that it is more bioavailable in the form of an NMN tablet.

This company has been producing additives for more than 30 years. ProHealth is a trusted brand with a reputation for delivering clean, effective and reliable additives.

If you are looking for an NMN brand you can trust, this may be a good choice. The only drawback is the addition of xylitol, a sugar alcohol, which makes these jellies sugar free. For some people, the consumption of sugar alcohol can have a laxative effect.

MAKE10 – 125 MG

Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative?

Maac10 offers a bottle containing 125 mg NMN capsules. They claim that this product is 99% pure NMN and also contains a recently discovered NMN promoter called Slc12a8.

Unlike other NMN supplements, this company has opted for capsules for digestion and absorption.

According to the Fake Spot website, this product has been given a C rating for the accuracy of the comments.

Comments on the website embarrass many players in the add-on sector because they imply that they have paid for good feedback.

Many of them can be false, and they can contain deception. If this is the case, it should discourage customers from buying from that company.

Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative?


Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative?

The Tru Niagen is a suitable alternative if NMN additives are not suitable for you. The Tru Niagen works by restoring NAD+ levels in the body.

There are many reasons why the Tru Niagen is the best option for those looking for a rejuvenation cure. Numerous studies and researches have shown that it is beneficial for health. These health benefits include the following

  • Daily improvement of cellular health
  • Maintain healthy NAD+ levels throughout the body.
  • Positive long-term effects
  • Higher energy levels

Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative?

Tru Niagen is produced and distributed by ChromaDex. ChromaDex is a leading nutraceutical and biotechnology company dedicated to improving people’s health and livelihoods.

Dr. Charles Brenner is chairman of the ChromaDex Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Brenner is a brilliant scientist who was the first to discover nicotinamide riboside as a vitamin. For this reason, ChromaDex is constantly at the forefront of NAD+ research and development.

  • Human clinical trials – To date, no human clinical trials have been conducted on NMN. Tru Niagen has been the subject of four separate clinical trials that have been reviewed and published in scientific journals.
  • Quality Controls – Tru Niagen has been approved by Health Canada as a Natural Health Product (NHP).
  • Research Collaboration – Tru Niagen has been the subject of more than one hundred and sixty-seven independent studies.
  • For seven patents – ChromaDex, the manufacturer of Tru Niagen, has a large collection of patents.

Research and science complementary to NMN

After the major breakthroughs of Dr. David Sinclair at the NDA+ and his predecessors, many companies and scientists began to withdraw from initial research.

Dr. Sinclair is one of the principal investigators of NMN, which is used as a booster for NAD+ and as a rejuvenation additive.

Most of his career he has focused on the possible links between sirens, resveratrol, NAD (adenine nicotinamide dinucleotide), NMN, rejuvenation products and caloric restriction.

Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative? Doctor. Samuel Klein from the University of Washington Medical School in St. Louis. Louis, conducted a study to investigate the properties of NMN for rejuvenation.

This clinical trial represents encouraging progress in NMN research and the fight against ageing and illustrates that other members of the scientific community believe in the potential benefits of the NMN enzyme.

Professor Sinclair’s research shows that DNA damage can be reversed by increasing the NAD. This conclusion was mainly illustrated by studies using the NAD+ in older mice.

The acceleration of NAD has changed the tissues and appearance of older mice to make them much younger.


Previous studies by Sinclair have shown that NAD+ improves mouse tissue at the cellular level.

These discoveries were incredible and unexpected; they sent shock waves through the scientific community.

Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative? mice that received oral NAD+ supplementation developed a complete hair layer, improved their kidney function and were able to walk faster than before. In addition, mice treated with NAD+ improved their muscle mass and muscle tone.

In this respect they turned out to be much younger mice.

Similar studies have been conducted to identify rejuvenation methods in mice and their application in humans.

Growing interest and research shows that scientists are about to find the ultimate link.


According to research by Dr. Sinclair and his team, they have discovered that DBC1 adheres to a single protein that helps repair damaged DNA.

As we age, NAD+ decreases in our body, leading to tissue damage and cell death. Studies have shown that the NAD+ treatment can prevent CAD1 from inhibiting DNA repair.

This research is one of Dr. Sinclair’s most important achievements in his career. After detecting the effect of NAD on the DBC1 protein, Sinclair’s team knew that it was possible to reverse the DNA damage.


DNA damage is a major cause of common age-related diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive disorders.

Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative? Our body has the ability to repair damaged DNA, but this ability decreases with age. NAD+ is one of the most important parts of this process.

The amount of NAD+ in the body also decreases over the course of our lives.

The increased amount of enzymes in the mice helped protect the DNA repair process.

If researchers can find a way to maintain a high level of NAD+ throughout life, they can slow down the aging process.


Reducing hunger and calories increases the body’s ability to regenerate and recycle cells through autophagy and reduced inflammation.

Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative? NOA+ may mimic the effect of a starving person’s body, resulting in longer life expectancy and lower risk of cancer.

When calories are limited, the body produces nicotinamide phosphorybosiltransferase (NAMPT).

NAMPT is an enzyme essential for the formation of NAD+; therefore a higher concentration of NAMPT can be another rejuvenation cure.

The research results show that NAMPT is associated with rejuvenation.


When Sinclair discovered in 1999 at Harvard that the sirtuin 1 protein (SIRT1) can slow yeast aging.

SIRT1 rejuvenates yeast by reducing the number of extrachromosome RNA circuits.

Research results on the application of SIRT1 are among the most important discoveries for anti-ageing treatments.

Many studies have been carried out, inspired by Dr. Sinclair’s original research.

The results of these studies show that SIRT1 can rejuvenate the yeast and eventually humans.


In 2003, Dr. Sinclair joined the research of scientists in biomolecular research laboratories.

Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative? Resveratrol Researchers from the Biomol laboratory have discovered that resveratrol can stimulate SIR2.

Dr. Sinclair was determined to work with the lab after he learned of this discovery.

Research by the Biomol laboratory in collaboration with Dr. Sinclair led to the discovery that resveratrol is an anti-ageing agent; these results were published in Nature and Science in 2003.

David Sinclair on NAD+ anti-ageing mode and NMNhuman tests

Professor David A. Sinclair, PhD, has dedicated his research to what he considers to be the best innovation in the fight against ageing.

Sinclair’s research shows that by amplifying the NAD+, he can repair the DNA.

Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative? With this he showed the world the possibility of a true fountain of youth.

NDA+ clinical studies simulating this type of situation in mice are still needed.

Dr. Sinclair has offered to do research on people, and the world is waiting for results.

Two studies on NDA+ precursors have been carried out;

NMN is one of the forerunners of NAD.

David believes that using IMS as an anti-aging supplement can increase people’s health and life expectancy.

Let’s take a look at some of the most remarkable studies and sciences in the field of NAMN supplementation.

Is my NMN safe (side effects)?

What are the side effects of nicotinamide riboxide?

In the per capita studies, consumption of 1,000 to 2,000 mg per day had no adverse effects.

The NMN currently has no safety instructions from the American FDA. This condition indicates that the NMN is safe to use; FDA.
is known as a strict regulatory committee with strict rules.

Published scientific results support that NR is a safer and more effective ingredient for increasing NAD+ levels compared to NMN.

This does not mean that NMN is not safe, but there may be more effective rejuvenation methods.

There are more clinical studies and research in the NMN sector than in the NMN sector, so more research is needed in the NMN sector.

What does the nicotinamide mononucleotide do?

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is a nucleotide consisting of NR. The most important research area at NMN was animal research.

There is a lack of clinical trials in humans, despite encouraging data on animal testing. These animal studies focused on the neuroprotective and anti-aging properties of the NMN compound.

Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative?

Many companies produce food supplements that promote NMN as a proven rejuvenating agent.

These announcements should not be taken seriously because the NMN has not conducted any clinical trials in humans.

Again, this does not mean that NMN additives are dangerous; makes means that consumers should be informed when purchasing these additives.

How to take NMN

Manufacturers of food supplements often sell NMN in the form of capsules or soluble tablets. In clinical trials with mice, however, NMN is injected.

Currently, the only way for people to include NMN in their diet is to purchase a dietary supplement.

Further research is needed to determine the most effective method for human intake of NMN.

Safe dosing of NMNs for persons

Since NAMN has not been tested on humans, the safe dose for human consumption is not known.

Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative? Safety and efficacy studies should be followed by peer-reviewed clinical trials in humans.

It is currently recommended that anyone looking for anti-ageing treatment consult their doctor before purchasing or taking NMD.

On the other hand, NMN product labels recommend to follow a daily program, take two tablets or freeze before each meal.

An overview of NMN products shows that it is the most popular method to consume NMN.

What is the bioavailability?

The bioavailability of MCR is very doubtful. The question arises whether a sufficient dose can pass through the intestine without changing the acidity of the stomach. With this undesirable possibility in mind, several manufacturers tried to make products that could survive through the stomach. Some manufacturers offer extended versions to prolong and delay repayments.

That’s what the investigation showed:

The absorption of the intestine into the bloodstream starts after 2-3 minutes, and after 15 minutes it is fully absorbed into the tissues. It is then converted and immediately stored as NAD+ in tissues such as liver, skeletal muscle and cortex. This increase in NAD+ levels in the liver is maintained for approximately 30 minutes. After six months of molecular injection, this increased concentration of NAD+ is observed in the liver and brown fat, but not in the skeletal muscles and white fat.

NMN is the same as niacin?

Is vitamin b3 the same as the rhibozoid nicotinamide?

Niacin, better known as vitamin B3, is the precursor of NMN. Niacin is therefore a more elementary form of NMN.

Niacin Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative? has already proven its health benefits and is cost-effective.

Previously, human studies have proven that niacin is safe for health.

In addition, many experts predict that treatment of NMN will be much more expensive than treatment with niacin.

However, it is a much more complex composition and can have several additional benefits or effects in the fight against ageing.

The expectation is that there will be human traces for the treatment of NMH in the coming years.

What products contain Nmn?

  1. Broccoli
  2. Cucumber
  3. Kool
  4. Lawyer
  5. Tomato
  6. Edamame

Final remarks on changes to NMN

Alive By Nature and ProHealth NMN are excellent additions to respected companies.

Best NMN Supplement (2020 Review) # 1 Best Anti-Ageing Alternative? If you want to take an NMN supplement, we recommend this.

Tru-niagen is undoubtedly the best choice for the better studied and more convincing predecessor of NAD+.

Whether you’re buying products from our list or looking for a new product, you should always keep an eye on the company’s reputation and operations.

*** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, therapy or prevent any disease. Individual results may differ.***



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