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Best Detox Drinks For Testing Drugs (Urine Cleanse)

Best Detox Drinks For Testing Drugs (Urine Cleanse)

Best Detox Drinks For Testing Drugs (Urine Cleanse)

One of the best ways to do a drug test is to replace urine with synthetic urine. It’s a good tactic, almost bulletproof, to fool a urine test. However, this only works with the for an uncontrolled drug test, where you can easily switch places and present your fake urine sample.

With respect to supervised drug testing, when performing a urine test you should choose a different approach than or a different strategy. And that’s where the rehab drinks come into play. These potions work in such a way that you can do a drug test under observation. Other applications of detoxification drinks may include

  • Reduction of withdrawal symptoms through abstinence.
  • Reduced THC tolerance among cannabis users.
  • As part of the weight loss program

In this article we discuss some of the best detoxification drinks for thedrug test, which are highly recommended and should be avoided. We will also explain how they work, when and why they don’t work and how to use them properly.

Knowing which detox drink is best for a drug test and using it correctly can make the difference between taking the test and failing.

What are marijuana drinks?

Detox drinks are sold as drinks specifically designed to remove toxins and drug metabolites from your body. But they can’t remove yourbody immediately. The most powerful cleaning on the same day removes drug metabolites from the bladder, allowing you to perform a clean urine test in just a few hours.

Are detoxifying beverages suitable for drug testing?

These detoxifying beverages can be used for Δ9-THC metabolites or other preparations, but they only operate for a few hours when the sample is clean. When the effect decreases, your sample will be re-contaminated withand can be cleaned.

Because the main metabolite of marijuana is fat soluble without consuming fluids, including diuretics, it is eliminated from the body forever. Once the short-term effect of the diuretic has worn off and the urine is back in the right concentration, cannabis metabolites will again be easily detectable for drug testing. Paul Armentano, NORML

How to use Detox Beverages to do the drug test

Detoxification drinks are relatively easy to use, but the detoxification has to be done in the right way, otherwise the drink will not be able to reach its full potential. The most overlooked thing that greatly increases your chances of success is that the stops smoking theimmediately and as soon as possible. Ideally, you should stop using drugs 72 hours before the actual test.

Detoxification drinks do not cleanse the body immediately, but mask the medicines present in the body for several hours.

After buying your drink, make sure the bottle is shaken well before you drink it and drink its contents continuously for 10 to 15 minutes. For some drinks you have to drink water afterwards, for others you don’t. It is best to consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • You must urinate 3-4 times within hours of taking .
  • For the next 3-5 hours, your urine sample should be clean, depending on your metabolism and the amount of toxins in your body.

Keep in mind that as consumption increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to mask metabolites and prevent them from getting into the urine.

Ordinary herbalists have much higher concentrations of metabolites in their bodies, and a simple detoxifying drink cleanses their bodies in one hour at best.

Heavy users are advised to undergo a more natural and complete detoxification process within a few days and to usedrinks and herbicides to speed up the process.

Where can I buy detoxification drinks in my area?

You may have seen detox drinks in almost every department store in your area. Pharmacies of type CNG and Walgreens regularly sell non-prescription drinks and cleaning pills. You can even buy these drinks at Walmart and other large supermarkets. However, they are not recommended (we will come back to this later).

Detox beverages and other similar products are also available in e-commerce stores, such as Amazon. Although you can find the right product on these websites, you should refrain from buying it. Although some of these sites offer available products, these may be counterfeit, outdated, or otherwise compromised.

Most manufacturers of detox drinks have an official supplier and you can order a drink on their website.

The suppliers we recommend in this article offer a wide range of high quality drinks and most of them offer same-day delivery. Moreover, internet orders are more invisible because there are no face-to-face meetings with salespeople or cashiers.

Types of narcotic detoxification drinks

For different types of drugs, users generally use certain detoxifying drinks. There are several brands on the market for specific groups of drugs and it is claimed that for every drug you use you should use a detoxifying drink.

It’s just a marketing trick. Detoxification drinks are by definition effective against all types of drug metabolites. The only exception to this rule is hemp. While most metabolites are easily eliminated, THC is the most difficult to eliminate.

The reason is the solubility in fat. Fat tissue absorbs Δ9-THC and slowly returns to the bloodstream within a few days. It goes through the blood to the kidneys and then in the urine2.

Therefore, the metabolites Δ9-THC are still present in the urine of heavy consumers 30 days after the last joint. Compared to cannabis metabolites, other substances are easier to eliminate, usually inweeks.

Chronic cannabis user should undergo a process of further detoxification consisting of detoxification tablets and detoxification drinks while abstaining from smoking, vaporisation or the use of other substances.

Because of their effect and the metabolism of drugs in the body, detox drinks work with all drugs. Beware of products that claim to purifymetabolites specific to. There is no detoxification for cocaine or detoxification for methamphetamine.

This is just a marketing trick to get you to buy something as a bonus and take more of your money. All these products work to remove toxins from your urine, whether it is a natural or synthetic drug.

Best Drinks for Detoxification THC Reviews

As mentioned earlier, -detox drinks are not -wonder drinks, which target specific metabolites of drugs that they remove from the body. They clean the bladder of all metabolic products and keep the urine clean for several hours. And choosing the right detox drink is important between a drug test and failure of the test.

With so many brands on the market, finding the best can be a difficult task. You want a detoxifying drink that not only removes toxins, but also contains the vitamins, minerals and creatine needed to balance your urine naturally. That’s why we have already selected for you the best brands with safe and proven ingredients.

You should always choose bottles larger than 32 ounces. They cost a little more than the small 20 and 16 oz. bottles, but have better detoxifying properties.

Keep in mind that popular brands are often counterfeited and sold on popular e-commerce sites. If you order the detox drinks only from an official supplier , you get the best price and quality. Here are some of the best drug test detoxification drinks currently available on the market

Mega Pure Detoxifying Cleaning Drink

Mega Clean, manufactured by a company called Detoxify, is the most popular and recommended product for washing your urine, recommended by#1. For over ten years, he was the best marijuana cleaner for drug testing.

The formula is composed of various vitamins and minerals, niacin and extracts of the leaves of burdock rootand Uva Ursi . Niacin has been scientifically proven to promote the elimination of toxins, while Burdock root extract and Uva ursi leaf extract are known to be natural diuretics. If you drink this, write as never before. Here are a few tips:

  • Of course, you shouldn’t take drugs for at least 48 hours before you drink a bottle.
  • Drink 32 ounces of the bottle at a time, about 3 hours before testing.
  • You need to urinate 2 to 3 times within one hour after the request.
  • You should then take a urine sample for analysis for about 3-4 hours.

Light smokers have a low level of Δ9-THC in their body, and a bottle of this beverage should be more than enough to cleanse the body, especially in combination with PreCleanse detoxification tablets. Heavy weed consumers but another story. Best Detox Drinks For Testing Drugs (Urine Cleanse)

If you are a chronic hempeproker, you should use an option with more powerful detoxifying properties, such as toxin residues, to go through a completely natural detoxification process.

In this case, Mega Clean Detox Drink will help speed up the process.

Best Detox Drinks For Testing Drugs (Urine Cleanse)

Here is a link to the official store of both products:

For a limited time Mega Clean comes with free PreClean pills!

Click on this button to make a reservation in the official shop:

Best Detox Drinks For Testing Drugs (Urine Cleanse)

Delete Rescue selection

Rescue Cleanse is another excellent cleaning option, most suitable for occasional or moderate grass smokers. It is an ideal choice for weekend drug lovers, and with the right application you can easily pass the test. For the proper functioning of Rescue Cleanse it is very important to follow the instructions in the letter.

  • As with most cleaning products, you should avoid products containing grass at least two days before use.
  • The manufacturer recommends that you do not eat or drink for 4 hours before using this product to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • You have to drink up to 32 ounces of bottle at a time and then pee like a waterfall for about an hour.
  • Be careful, the urge to pee can be quite intense, so make sure you are near the toilet.

The special thing about Rescue Cleanse is that it offers a safety zone of 5 hours, which is more than enough time to produce a sample and send it for analysis.

Rescue Cleanse itself is powerful enough for light and medium smokers, but is even better in combination with the pre-cleaning formula. However, this detoxification drink is not recommended for weed-laden smokers because its content Δ9-THC is much higher. In this case it should be combined with a course of 5 days or more of detoxification tablets.

In general, the Rescue Cleanse 32oz is an excellent option, manufactured by a company with more than 25 years of experience in the field of drug testing.

Best Detox Drinks For Testing Drugs (Urine Cleanse)

You can read more in our full review or visit the official store:

For a limited time, Rescue Cleanse comes with free pre-cleaning capsules!

Click on this button to make a reservation in the official shop:

Best Detox Drinks For Testing Drugs (Urine Cleanse)

Disinfection XXtra Clean

This detox drink comes from the same company that brought us Mega Clean, but it is slightly less strong. It is advertised as a tropical fragrance, so it is not only functional but also delicious. The instructions are the same as for Mega Clean:

  • As with other detoxification drinks, the introduction of new toxins into the body at least 48 hours before drinking should be avoided.
  • After drinking the whole 20-ounce bottle, wait 15 minutes, fill the bottle with water and drink it up.
  • In the next hour you will probably have to urinate often, thanks to a product that frees the body of toxins and metabolites.
  • You have to pee as long as necessary, but make sure you’re not wet for the next drug test. In laboratory tests, this product kept the urine samples clean for up to three hours.

Your blood system and urinary tract are connected, so you may have heard that this product also cleans your blood as a side effect of cleaning your urine. Beware of these statements, because they are false.

XXtra Clean is only intended for the purification of urine. It will not remove toxins from her body, blood, hair or saliva. This product also eliminates the need to take your prescription medication. So remember this if you’re on prescription medication.

This detox drink is suitable for light and medium smokers with a limited budget. If you are not sure if you fall into this category, we recommend that you purchase high quality Mega Clean or Rescue Cleanse detoxification drinks.

Here is a link to the official store:

Best Detox Drinks For Testing Drugs (Urine Cleanse)

Ready-to-use detoxification network

This detoxification drink helps your body to remove traces of cannabis and other drugs from your urine. In addition to removing all impurities, it also helps to eliminate other toxic substances such as nicotine. However, it does have certain limitations.

  • This drink is intended for a light hemp smoker – a person who smokes less than three joints a week.
  • In addition, your weight must not exceed 200 pounds.
  • For this drink to work, the body must first be pre-cleaned by taking the pre-cleaning tablets included in the product.

Good pre-cleaning increases the effectiveness of the detoxification. Of course, you should avoid taking medication, eating unhealthy foods and drinking large amounts of water. These preliminary cleansing steps prepare your body for detoxification and significantly increase your chances of success.

When you’re done, have a drink before the tasting. During this time you should urinate as much as possible to remove the toxins from your body.

In general, this herbal cleansing drink is an excellent natural detoxification drink that is available at an affordable price. It is designed for light smokers and offers a 5 hour detoxification window in which to give your urine sample. Here is a link to the official store:

Best Detox Drinks For Testing Drugs (Urine Cleanse)

Pure plant ultra-eliminating agents

This cleaner is sold as a high quality daily detoxifier for people with high toxicity or high body weight. Anyone with a high drug metabolism or a body weight over 200 pounds should try this brand because it is one of the strongest detox drinks on the market, at least according to the manufacturer.

Ultra-Eliminex eliminates toxins from the urinary tract and prevents their presence in fresh urine for several hours. If you smoke chronic marijuana or are overweight, following the instructions and using Ultraeliminix will help you get rid of the toxins. The instructions on the bottle are quite simple.

  • You have to abstain from drugs for at least 48 hours.
  • Drink Ultra Eliminex for 30 to 60 minutes before testing. During this time you should urinate as much as possible.
  • Within 30 minutes of stopping drinking, you need to be in good shape to take a drug test.

In general, Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex is presented as an excellent detoxification drink that seems unsurpassed even for chronic users of weeds with a high body weight.

But since marijuana is bound to fat cells, it’s hard to believe Ultra Eliminex works in such a short time. And the ratings are usually negative.

If you decide to try this brand, we strongly recommend that you include detoxification tablets in your program before using them on the day of the test. For more information, see our urine testing guide. Here is a link to the official store:

Best Detox Drinks For Testing Drugs (Urine Cleanse)

Cheap detoxification drinks To avoid

The main purpose of a detox drink is to cleanse the body of toxins, so it must be strong enough to do this. There are strong and proven detoxification drinks that will help you pass a drug test. But there are also traces that you have to stay away from.

Most of these urine detoxifiers are generally of poor quality, cheap and available in department stores such as Walmart, Walgreens, CNG and other. It is through marketing and the fact that they are sold in department stores and pharmacies that people buy these brands and fail the tests. These are some of the poor quality detox drinks that should be avoided:

Purifying drink before final detoxification

Ultimate Detox Cleansing Drink is sold as a 100% effective way to detoxify the urine of toxic substances, so you can perform a drug test. The manufacturer claims it has been proven that the ingredients remove toxins and not just mask them.

However, they do not give the ingredients of the formula and how they achieve this effect. Since there is no list of ingredients, it is also very difficult to determine the side effects of this strawberry-flavoured drink. The results documented by the manufacturer are not sufficient to support his claim of 100% effectiveness and safety.

Liquid drink in an hour of cleansing potion…

The 1H liquid detergent helps to dilute urine, theoretically removing toxins from the body or reducing metabolites below the limit. Contains laxatives, a natural diuretic, herbs and high-dose vitamins.

In terms of effectiveness, The Stuff detox drink has received mixed reviews, and people have either praised it or said it doesn’t work at all. Some users have suggested that this only improves the natural detoxification process, but does not clean your body.

The truth is that The Stuff does not contain any unique components that can help remove unwanted substances from the urinary tract. Simply put, there is no guarantee that this detox drink will work.


Qcarbo16 is used to remove undesirable substances from the body. Although the manufacturer makes it clear that the product is not intended to help you take a drug test, it is still purchased for that reason.

The general idea of this drink is general health promotion, not detoxification for drug testing. It’s worth mentioning Qcarbo20, a formula sold as an extreme potency that, with a little pre-cleaning, can help you pass a drug test.

Qcarbo generally had very mixed results, indicating that it was sufficient for only 50% of users. In addition, there are some possible side effects such as nausea and stomach complaints.

Magnum Instant Flush Detoxification

TheMagnum Detox Instant Flush formula is more potent than the manufacturer’s original Magnum Detox drink and requires no prior detoxification. It is also sold as suitable for people up to £340.

The new formula consists mainly of vitamins, minerals and creatine, but also contains psyllium peels, burdock root and Cascara Sagrada bark. The values shall be clearly indicated on the label, with the exception of the last three ingredients which are part of the brand formula.

The proportion of the components of the patented formula is unknown, so their effect on the body is unknown. Magnum products have a bad reputation, with a slightly more aromatic formula than a soft drink.

Detoxification of the sting

Stinger Detox is a whole body detergent designed to remove metabolites from all major systems. Despite the mixed reviews, Stinger seems to have more negative than positive references.

First, the instructions are wrong for 60 to 90 minutes; the full effect is obtained approximately two hours after application. These ingredients are typical for most cheap drinks, there is no soluble fiber in the product, which is necessary for any detoxification drink.

The formula is ineffective and simply not worth it. Please note that this is not an FDA approved or laboratory tested product, so there is no information as to what it actually contains.

Total Jazz Detoxification

Jazz Detox products do not have an impeccable reputation, and their detox drink is no exception. A good reputation is undeserved for many reasons. There is simply no proof that Jazz Total Detox works with ingredients associated with soft drinks.

If you follow the instructions provided with the product, drink the contents of the bottle, fill it twice and pee several times, the doping control will inevitably fail. The product is completely counterfeit, but it is supported by good marketing and a lot of false positives on the internet. If you want to take a drug test, ignore jazz rehab.

Do-it-yourself detoxification drinks

There are articles on the Internet about detoxification drinks for home use that can help you take a drug test. The basic idea behind these stories is that you don’t have to pay a lot of money because you can make them cheap by getting almost the same results. These recipes contain mainly soda, some multivitamins and a little extra vitamin B2.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of biochemistry will tell you that house toxic beverages are snake oil, a deceptive marketing product with no real scientific value.

Sodium carbonate is converted to salt in the stomach3and has no effect on toxin leaching. Multivitamins are generally healthy, but do not affect the urinary balance.

Even detoxifying drinks such as green tea, goldenseal and Palo Azul will not help you pass a drug test. Although these drinks are known for their natural detoxifying properties, they do not have the power to remove metabolic products from the body.

Any recipe or home remedy you come across that is not supported by scientific research should be considered a recipe for failure.

Frequently asked questions

Do detoxification drinks work on opiates?

It should be. The metabolites of opioids are almost the same as those of other drugs. They stay in the urine for about 2 to 7 days. The body detoxifies itself in an almost identical way, independent of the toxins present, through sweat and urine.

The use of the best detoxification drinks on the market can greatly increase your chances of being tested for any substance.

How long does a rehabilitation drink last?

Detox drinks last for several hours, depending on various factors. The best detoxification drinks generally offer a detoxification time of about 4 to 5 hours, with the urine having to be clean. However, the frequency of consumption, body weight, general health and a number of other factors can significantly influence the effect of a detoxifying drink.

Heavy smokers have higher concentrations of toxins and the time before the metabolites return to the urine is shorter. Therefore, pre-cleaning tablets are among the best detoxifying drinks.

Can a detox drink be found during a drug test?

Generally not, although this depends on the quality of the product. The high-quality products do not contain any harmful substances that can be detected by tests. Some poor quality foods can dilute your urine so you drink a lot of water. Excessively diluted urine can be an indicator of drug use.

By using the best detox drinks for your drug test and avoiding the toxins for a few days, you reduce your chances of getting caught to almost zero.


There is no doubt that some of the best detoxification drinks for drug testing can help you get rid of your urine and perform a urine medicine test. However, even the best products are not the magic potion, and you must follow some general rules of natural detoxification without adding new toxins to the body for at least 48 hours, and follow a good and balanced diet. Other tips are:

  • Drink the whole bottle immediately (if necessary).
  • Urinate as much as necessary within an hour after drinking a detox drink.
  • Buy detox products only from official suppliers, not in supermarkets or on eBay.
  • Avoid brands that claim to target specific drug groups.
  • Large 32-ounce bottles are much more powerful than 20-ounce or 16-ounce bottles.
  • Heavy smokers should use detoxification kits or follow a detoxification program of at least 5 days.

Even the best detox drinks need time to train their bodies and take action. If you encounter with an unexpectedtest, your chances with synthetic urine are better. However, if you have a few days to prepare, we recommend a natural detox in combination with a strong detox drink.

We recommend that you only purchase Mega Clean from TestClear.

They offer their customers free support and warranty.

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