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Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

As far as make-up is concerned, for most of them it’s not negotiable – it’s a foundation. This prepares the skin for the application of the firming cream and also extends the duration of make-up. It covers the imperfections and controls the shine. However, not all primers will work in the same way.

If you have acne-prone skin, be more careful when choosing a foundation and make sure it does not cause excessive oil production or breakouts. Those that do not contain oil and absorb it can be excellent. Matt primers are also used to control the greasy appearance.

Need help finding the best base for acne-prone skin? Read on and we’ll introduce you to some of our personal favourites.

26 Best primers for wrinkled skin

Are you ready to get started? So which foundation is most suitable for acne-prone skin?
Here are some of the products that should be on your radar.

Coola Sun Protection Mineral facial cream SPF 30 Matt facial cream

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

Technically, it’s a sunscreen. However, it can also be used as a base to make your skin as smooth as silk. Use under a firming cream or makeup can be very useful, as it also provides sun protection that meets all the skin’s needs.

It is a day lotion, SPF and antioxidant-rich moisturizer in one product. It lightly moisturizes the skin, reduces shine and gives it the desired fresh appearance. The sunscreen coated with this fabric is ideal for oily and combination skin.

Wide band awning with SPF 30. It’s also waterproof. The formula contains rosehip oil. This ingredient contains all the antioxidants that protect the skin from possible environmental influences.

How about buying an SPF/mineral makeup base that controls your radiance while nourishing and protecting your skin?

Suede leather jacket DHC

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

Even professional makeup artists can help make skin softer and more effective by masking fine lines and large pores. To avoid fat, it is recommended to apply a small amount to the chin and forehead. Distribute make-up evenly over the face before application, including visible pores and fine lines.

You can even choose to wear this foundation alone, without foundation or make-up. It gives a natural and flawless appearance, softens the skin and improves its texture.

The beauty cream also reduces the visibility of pores, fine lines and the like. At the same time, the amount of oil is kept to a minimum, which is perfect for gliding easily over the make-up. He also keeps his makeup on longer. And your skin will look and feel silky smooth for the duration of wear and tear. This is the kind of magic you have to look forward to.

Correction in one step

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

This basisserum gel is a special formula that offers many benefits, including skin correction, relief and smoothness. Supplied with three colour correction pigments: Lavender, green and peach. And all three help to improve the complexion.

The facial serum brightens, nourishes, corrects and prepares the skin immediately. Now, let me tell you what every color-correcting pigment does here.

Green hides your spots and neutralizes redness. The lavender color balances the light tones to give you a boost of liveliness and clarity. And the peach color minimizes the appearance of visible sunspots.

There is also a mineral complex to control the oil and increase hydration. This exclusive ingredient, Youth Revival, also reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores. So this facial serum can do a lot as a primer for make-up.

Jane Iridale Smooth Facial Primer and Clarifier

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

It is a foundation + clarifier that flows gently over the skin and provides excellent coverage. Even with a small dime it goes far. The best thing is that it doesn’t feel heavy, even after applying a tonic or makeup.

In fact, the foundation prepares the skin so that the makeup is easy to put on and lasts even longer. The formula promotes youthful skin and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and pores. It even prolongs your natural look.

If you want your foundation to increase the glow of your acne-prone skin, it’s time to seriously consider buying it.

e.l.f. Studio Mineral Filling Floor for Surface

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

This foundation regulates the skin tone immediately after each application so that it can be easily integrated into your makeup. It is also matte, which makes it perfect for acne-prone skin and is characterized by excessive sebum production. Without a doubt it gives you a fresh feeling and a fresh look all day long.

The formula contains lavender to neutralize redness, often associated with rosacea, pimples or even dry skin. What is unusual here is that the foundation corrects all yellow tones and compensates for irregularities in skin tone. This makes a mineral spray primer an ideal substrate.

The desired effect does not even require a large number. Just a little more than enough to blend in with the skin and provide full coverage. And to make the experience more satisfying, the product is vegan and without cruelty. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Phthalates, sulphates or parabens. Isn’t it great!

Primer for non-porous lead in soils

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

Whether it’s large pores or uneven skin texture, it’s another foundation that can be promising in the fight against acne. It contains soluble collagen, which is responsible for maintaining skin hydration. The best part is that an invisible layer is created.

Irregular texture and large pores don’t stand a chance against this facial base. It can give your skin a radiant, flawless appearance. The formula is light enough to provide seamless coverage. Whether it’s wrinkles, pores or an irregular complexion.

Green tea extracts are added. They protect and energize the skin and makeup last longer. But it is soluble collagen that restores elasticity and humidity. For best results, apply the product after moisturizing and before make-up.

Rimmel remains dull

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

The use of this primer makes it possible to get rid of the shine for eight hours. It comes with an oil-free formula so you know it’s effective against acne. With this primer you can achieve a perfect matte finish that looks great without make-up.

The matte primer has the ability to make your pores invisible. The formula is ultra-light for a smooth and silky look. Moreover, your skin is not greasy, which is ideal if you have oily or acne-prone skin.

It can be used with foundations or alone; it reduces the stubborn appearance of visible pores in both directions. In general, expect your skin to look smooth and moist all day long. That’s for sure!

NYX Gloss Killer

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

These topical cosmetics not only remove shine but also oil, making it another great makeup product if your skin is prone to acne. It certainly makes your skin smooth. It glides on without any problem, even if the skin has pores. And if your skin is too oily, expect a little shine.

But there is no denying that this professional make-up artist keeps his face dull all day long. All you have to do is apply them in the context of your foundation. You can wear it on bare skin or as a base for make-up.

He works to the best of his ability to remove oil and shine from his face. And that’s the most important thing.

Dr. Brandt Skin care pores No more pore refining primer

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

You don’t have to worry about your fine lines and pores, as this product covers them immediately upon application and leaves a matt surface. It also removes excess oil, which especially reduces the chance of a breakthrough. So you can breathe relieved when you have pimples on your skin.

You know what the best news is? This pore-refining foundation is suitable for all skin types. But it works best on acne and oily skin. Apply it without make-up or with make-up, the result will not be affected. In addition, the tube is ideal for quick and urgent repairs.

In terms of effectiveness, it eliminates shine and masks pores. The fact is, says the miracle worker, one of the chroniclers on the Amazon. It covers the pores in a very soft and smooth way. And once you get used to it, maybe you can’t live without it.

Smashbox to reduce pore depth

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

It’s not comedogenic soil, which means it doesn’t clog the pores. It is therefore an excellent solution for people with pimples on their skin. The color is light creamy, but when applied to the skin, it becomes semi-transparent and can easily be covered with the color of the foundation cream.

The non-greasy skin formula reduces oil, shine, pores and irregularities without drying out the skin. It is not only an oil-free formula, but also a waterproof formula. This indicates total effectiveness, even if your skin type is greasy or combined.

Matt finish, soft stain is the result after each application. It is also recommended to use it daily. The primer does an excellent job by disrupting the hot subtext while adding depth. So you can be sure that your skin is easier to manage.

Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime Primer

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

Thanks to the formula of this water-based soil, you can be sure that it will not cause any pimples. This also means that it is light and not sticky, even in hot weather. It’s not like a lot of people who feel fat when they’re hot.

It is a water-soluble primer that contains active ingredients to smooth out lines, wrinkles and pores. Despite its lightness, the formula can protect the skin from the sun. It also has the ability to check the oil and adjust the color. Feel free to wear it alone and expect a lighter look.

It may also be interesting to know that the foundation has been tested for allergies and is recommended by many dermatologists. This is proof that the cosmetic product does not clog the pores. So your acne-prone skin is well cared for.

Laura Geller Make-up Pin

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

It is a sebum-controlled foundation, which is why it is so good for acne-prone skin. In addition to controlling oil production, it minimizes pore size and gives the skin a matt look.

It goes without saying that the formula contains powerful antioxidants and plant extracts. Ingredients such as Asian centella and white tea extracts combined with aloe vera really protect the skin. It also retains natural moisture. It gives your skin a smoother and softer appearance.

It is an incredibly light and rich formula, ideal for all skin types. After all, the foundation comes from a brand popular enough to produce the most effective and innovative skin care formulas.

Thank me later Matteface Primer

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

It’s a waterproof primer, so you can be sure it will last all day. This matte facial primer also contains no parabens or cruelty, making it an environmentally friendly product. Most importantly, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can return them to the manufacturer, who will give you an unconditional refund.

But the chance of recovery due to the reluctance to use the product is very unlikely. It’s a durable and waterproof foundation that leaves skin flawless all day long. The pore-reducing properties are the reason for the enormous success here. Minimising the appearance of fine lines is also remarkable.

But this matte effect, which you keep on the edge of your chair, cannot be ruled out. And the fact that he’s unscrupulous makes the experience even better.

Photography with revolverReady for perfect terrain

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

As the name suggests, with this foundation you are always ready to be photographed, because you can look beautiful all day long. It features high-resolution filter technology that reflects and diffuses light. In this way you can achieve the effect of airbrushing without too much effort.

The formula is pink and light to make your stains look softer. It also relieves the skin.

The primer is also oil-free, does not containparabens or flavourings. The non-greasy part means you can use it even if you have acne-prone skin. The absence of parabens and fragrances makes the product a healthier and more natural skin care choice. If you ask me, it’s the most suitable base for all skin types.

Almai Primeer 5-in-1

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

Here is another product with a light, non-greasy formula, which makes it effective on -sensitive acne-prone skin and -sensitive skin. It can cleanse, repair, improve, moisturize and mattify your skin. Now you understand why a 5-in-1 foundation is such a wonderful addition to your makeup routine.

You can also use it if your skin type falls into the sensitive skin category. Like I said, the formula isn’t sweet, light butter. It corrects the most common skin problems and aims to solve them. Tested by a dermatologist and hypoallergenic, this Almay Primer is certainly a unique cosmetic product.

Expect the thing to instantly adjust color, smooth and blurred lines. So don’t wait a few days or weeks for long term bait results. It contains lavender, which immediately balances the complexion and reduces any visible redness. That’s how effective bait is!

L.A. Girl Pro Prep HD High Definition Face Smoothing Earth

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

For softer, flawless skin without the fear of acne, here’s another makeup base that should be on your list. Many of the users shared the fact that they had not experienced a breakthrough, which is due to the light formula.

How does this help to smooth out the appearance? By simply filling in pores and fine lines, you create a smooth base for your foundation. Here the light scattering particles are injected with vitamin E to nourish the skin.

And best of all, the light texture is not difficult to apply and blend. This thing seals the pores and fills them with fine lines. Undoubtedly it can also help you to wear makeup longer.

Finally, the product is odourless and paraben-free. It is therefore also suitable for sensitive skin with a tendency to acne.

Thermoplastic mineral primer, colour correction

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

What we liked most about this floor is the use of neutralising mineral pigments, which are very effective in correcting skin tone and other imperfections. It also contains aloe and chamomile, known for their soothing properties, which make it strong against acne.

If you have hyperpigmentation or redness, you can do it with this mineral primer putty. The formula undoubtedly balances the complexion and smoothes the skin texture.

There are natural antioxidants that perform all actions to combat wrinkles. With peptides that stimulate collagen production to minimize the stubborn and visible appearance of your fine lines.

In addition, the primer is vegan, hypoallergenic, without brutalityand without parabens. Simply put: It works well on sensitive skin.

Cover FX Floor mat with acne treatment

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

This gel primer is waterproof and the formula is light. It uses the power of the willow bark extract, which is a natural source of salicylic acid. The latter is the main reason why it can effectively treat acne while mattifying the skin.

The gel primer not only hides, but also prevents the formation of stains. This reduces the visibility of the pores immediately after application. An important advantage is also the long lifespan of the make-up. It’s great if your foundation has the ability to make your skin texture flawless in no time.

Most importantly, salicylic acid foundations to fight pimples are not common. So the current selection looks exciting.

Super-Universal Clinical Face Learning

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

This luxurious foundation is designed for people with oily, dry and combination skin. A review of the ingredients has shown us that silicone is not on the list of ingredients, which can give you the assurance that it does not cause acne.

It’s effective enough to scratch the pores. That means you can wear a primer yourself. And when applied underneath the moisturizer, the effect lasts longer. It goes without saying that the foundation will keep your make-up in good condition for hours.

It is a hypoallergenic formula that does not lead to a breakthrough. Moreover, considerable differences in skin colour and texture are inevitable. That’s the beauty of this clinic foundation.

Better’n Ur Mineral Make-up Primer

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

It’s natural, organic and vegetarian! This way you can be sure that it does not contain any aggressive chemicals that could cause a breakage. It is also rich in vitamins for healthy skin, making it an excellent anti-ageing skin care product.

This mineral foundation contains only pure ingredients that are good for the skin. You can have large pores and combination skin and expect the formula to work.

It is light and the primer dries quickly and leaves no stains. No matter how sensitive your skin is! And here’s some more good news. A small number of people travel long distances.

For a shiny, natural finish, look no further than this foundation, which eliminates the staining pattern, even for very oily skin.

Clay floor mats

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

If you’ve always had problems melting your makeup, this foundation offers the perfect solution. This increases the durability of the make-up and makes a new application unnecessary. It has a silky, invisible surface that works well with different surfaces.

The facial primer under the headlights is waterproof, retexturizing and mattifying. It contains Matte Blur technology to filter out your stains, lines and wrinkles. The formula does not make the canvas shine and adds matter. In this way, the fund you requested can continue to exist for a longer period of time.

The gel is invisible and very silky, making it ideal for oily and even combination skin. You can count on skin with an even texture and reduced pores. To prevent acne scars, dry patches and fine lines.

Frankly, it’s the perfect solution to break through conventional makeup.

Laura Mercier Foundation Brooch

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

We reintroduce an oil-free primer that I really appreciate for people with pimples. It contains ingredients that help control oil production to ensure your makeup stays on all day and solve pimple problems.

A flat, smooth surface, that’s what you want, isn’t it? And it’s not an unreasonable request, given the effectiveness of this primer. The formula’s gentle focus effect minimizes the appearance of fine lines, pores and the like.

What about oily skin? Well, to my great relief, it’s specially designed for those who have to deal with oily skin every day. In this respect, the gel is water-based, light and soothing. It gives your skin a natural matt color with a completely invisible coating.

Since the primer is non-comedogenic, it does not clog the pores. It is therefore not surprising that many dermatologists around the world highly recommend it. And for oily and normal skin!

Dermatological skin ideal floor

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

One of the best features of this foundation is that it has an SPF 30, which means it protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It also helps stimulate collagen production to make the skin firmer, making it an excellent anti-ageing solution.

It’s hard to believe that a foundation can smooth out fine lines as you prepare your skin for makeup. The combination of soy protein and velvety silicone is the best. That gives you immediate and smooth results.

The use of natural minerals is also commendable. They improve luminosity and shine and balance the complexion. In addition, there are powerful peptides to improve skin elasticity. With white tea polyphenols, which inhibit potential collagen damage.

It goes without saying that you can only wear the foundation over a moisturizer to fill in your fine lines. And for people with sensitive skin, we know that no artificial colourings or fragrances are added.

POREfessional Pro Face Balm

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

The foundation comes with a vitamin E derivative, which means that it can be useful not only for masking blemishes, but also for the general health of the skin. It is light and silky and can even be worn over make-up.

The formula is non-greasy or even translucent for all skin types and skin tones. A beautiful complexion is what you can expect. And I’m sure that’s what you’ll get. A thin layer is sufficient to cleanse and moisturize the skin.

A balm, all alone, rich in silk and light, with lots of vitamin E to protect your skin. That’s the crucial point.

Too much hangover Rx Filling facial primer

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

It is a regenerating earth that can provide immediate solutions to skin problems. It brightens and moisturizes the skin, making it easier to prepare dew for makeup. Even with just one foundation, your skin will be beautiful.

This stuff contains coconut water to revitalize the skin. There are also many other skin chasers that increase the appearance, moisture content and elasticity of the skin. And along the way, these elements also block your makeup for a long time.

This foundation is like a good natural energy drink for your skin. It keeps your skin hydrated so it doesn’t look dry or dull. And you can wear it alone or under your favourite bronze to get a clean, shiny cloth.

Hourglass Cosmetic Hourglass Mineral Primer

Best Acne-Prone Skin Makeup Primer: Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic

Let me first say that there are no parabens, perfumes or oils in it. This formula does not add any ingredients that may have a significant effect on your skin, especially if you have acne-prone skin. It also protects against ultraviolet rays and ensures that your skin is not too shiny.

When it comes to smoothing visible lines and dilated pores, this primer knows best how to do it. It prolongs makeup life, minimizes shine and provides sun protection across a wide spectrum.

And due to the absence of parabens, oils and fragrances, it works well, even on sensitive skin. Because the formula is incredibly light and silky.

What is the Make-up Primer?

Simply put: The primer is supplied as a silicone-based liquid. Primers are also available as gels and liquids that are easily applied to the face to create a flat, smooth surface.

In the world of beauty you will find many skincare products that act as primers. However, they are also known as moisturizers and whey. As a rule, however, primers contain no oil and are not even comedogenic. The latter means that the primers do not tend to clog the pores, which means that pimples do not form.

But that’s not always true. And that brings me to the next very important part of the manual.

How do I choose a base for pyrone makeup?

I would be lying if I said that not all traditional facial foundations lead to breakthroughs. There are many that cause acne.

However, the reason is not necessarily your oil-free comedogenic primer. It may be another thickener or emollient to pamper your skin with makeup products that contain even more of these emollients. So the foundation is another layer that is added to the skin.

The main reason for this is the presence of silicones. But silicones are part of mostskin care products, cosmetics and toiletries. And sometimes these silicones also contain latex. So if you are already allergic to this substance, the chance of a negative reaction to silicone makeup primers is even higher. Negative reactions here include breakthroughs.

However, it is important to first find out if your skin needs a foundation. I now know that not all skin care products are effective. And when you do, your makeup will come off. Moreover, a poorly chosen powder, tonic or concealer will only make your skin worse if it is not adapted to your skin type.

But there are a lot of multitasking primers. At times like that, you just have to look at the silicone. The primer with SPF, Salicylic Acid, Anti-Aging Technologyor clarifiers is a real gem when it comes to controlling and preventing acne.

There are many makeup primers that are also available as serums with peptides, antioxidants, AHAs or hyaluronic acid. With the colour correction properties you can use fewer undercoats and therefore not overload the product on the front side.

The light, non-irritating formula is an ideal choice for women who are constantly struggling with technological progress. This primer does not clog pores and prevents the formation of pimples. Also, in order to avoid breakthroughs, you need to adjust your daily routine a little. And by optimisation I mean the use of lighter products or even the abandonment of some of them.

You can also avoid mixing and rubbing too much when applying makeup. Excessive friction is also not a good idea for acne.

How do I use/remove makeup primer to prevent acne?

You already know that foundations contain silicones that are known to cause problems if you don’t clean your face at least twice a day. Silicones are half-shell shaped; they form a weightless film on the skin. Think of it as a spider’s web, but one that breathes, that doesn’t strangle the skin like wax or oil.

Silicone forms a barrier that protects the skin from potentially harmful environmental influences. Some are not even comedogenic to prevent breakthroughs. So what I’m trying to tell you is that you need to put them on a clean surface. Otherwise they inevitably push bacteria and dirt deeper into the pores.

So think twice before you miss the morning cleaning. Another big mistake would have been not to remove the primer properly at the end of the day. And rightly so, I’m talking about using a facial cleanser to destroy these invisible silicones in weightlessness. You can even use makeup remover to get rid of it. Remember that most tonics and all sulphates do not remove silicone.

In fact, even the perspiration when the primer is on increases the chance of a breakthrough. It goes without saying that caring for acne-prone skin, with or without foundation, is no sinecure. I mean, I’d recommend a drug test. It’s always the safest guess.

Benefits of using acne sensitive skinLearning to use make-up

Suppose you don’t use it now. In this case, you are really missing a skin care product that really improves the feeling and appearance of your acne-prone skin.

Now it doesn’t matter whether you prefer a simple make-up or a basic and complete facial coverage. In all cases, the purpose of the primer is to create a smooth substrate so that you can apply the substrate evenly and correctly. It is also effective against oily and shiny skin, which is often the cause of acne.

But you know it’s not uncommon for you to miss the foundation because you think it shouldn’t be used or it’s a waste of money to buy it. However, few people understand how effective water-based foundations are in keeping makeup fresh and smooth for longer. They also make the skin relatively better.

Whether cream, gel or powder, whichever foundation you choose, it will certainly prepare your face for make-up. The first gives the second a smooth, even surface from which it can be hung, so that it lasts all day without being touched frequently.

You already know that makeup primers are silicone polymers. They are also well cared for to achieve a smooth effect on your face. It goes without saying that the primer makes dilated pores, wrinkles and fine lines appear smooth. They also have the ability to correct rosacea redness and hide pimples.

The primer is also valuable because it is suitable for all weather conditions. Whether hot, cold, wet or dry. She keeps her make-up on, no matter what the climate. Many women even apply it alone, without foundation or makeup. This gives your face a fresher, more polished look, especially if you have acne-prone skin.

Ingredients to avoid in acne makeup

Well, so far only two of them seem to have the biggest problems with makeup colors. First thing you probably already know. It’s latex. Honestly, the silicone in the soil is not always to blame. Sometimes these silicones are infected with latex. And latex increases the chance that an allergy will mimic acne.

Another cause may be bismuth oxychloride. It is important to know that not all makeup bases contain this special ingredient. But try to avoid this at all costs, as it leads to breakthroughs on sensitive or irritated skin. Bismuth oxychloride even causes cystic acne outbreaks.


So with the products we have briefly mentioned above, it will be easy to get rid of acne and at the same time enjoy quality soil. Among other things, they improve the durability of your makeup without leading to breakthroughs.



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